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Music that Jumped the Shark? Blue Öyster
Music that NEVER Jumped the Shark8
More Cowbell!!!2
Club Ninja1
Music that ALWAYS Jumped the Shark1
Cultösaurus Erectus0
Curse of the Hidden Mirror0
Heaven Forbid0
Reunion in 20060

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I think you need more cowbell, AgProv.
    Chris Wlaken, Tempest, AZ, July 15, 2010

This band are an interesting case - not so much behind the trends and the cutting edge, as bypassing the whole "cutting-edge" business as irrelevant and setting off in a new and exhilarating journey all of their own. From a vantage point of 2009, it's hard to appreciate that back in the middle 1970's, B.Ã.C. were the very first pioneers of laser shows at heavy rock concerts. The concert DVD "Another Enchanted Evening" isn't as well filmed as it might have been - it obscures, rather than emphasises, just how new and innovative the laser business was. But they did it first. I'd argue the band came perilously near to shark-jumping with the LP "Mirrors", a lacklustre effort from 1979 that doesn't add anything to their opus and which is best forgotten. But they must have sumersaulted in mid-air over the shark tank and landed back on the ramp for a reprieve, as they follwed it up with "Cultosaurus Erectus" and "Fire of Unknown Origin" - two great LP's that are almost on a par with "Spectres", still easily their all-time best. Even the much-maligned "Club Ninja" isn't that bad - the guitar solo on "Perfect Water" is all on its own worth the purchase price. No, to me, the shark-jumping point was "Cult Classics". A lovely CD sleeve design that I suspect pays homage to British fantasy fiction author Terry Pratchett - (look at the back cover design and then read his book "Reaper Man"). And why not? As the portentious Michael Moorcock has been part of the band's creative team, they may as well credit a far better fantasy writer! But the content... with a lineup of the band having at most two of the originals, they choose to re-hash a collection of tracks from the group's creative glory years of twenty years before. A sure indicator of a band that has, sadly, lost the plot. And at their best, I love tese guys...
    AgProv, Manchester, *GB*, October 19, 2009

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