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Music that Jumped the Shark? David Bowie
Music that NEVER Jumped the Shark19
Bowie the superstar tries to attach himself to anyone young & hip15
1980s era11
Music that ALWAYS Jumped the Shark3
No more Ziggy Stardust (dumps Mick Ronson)2

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How can you say that (lat comment)?! He's just a rich fat cat cashing in & a joke at that. If he's such an 'artiste' where is his 'art'?
    Grover, BigBird, *FI*, July 10, 2010

Maybe simple musicians can apparently jump the shark, but a true artist never can. He's not doing this to please you, he's going where he likes and it pleases you. That's an artist. So much love for the man.
    Lola, NYC, NY, May 14, 2010

Dancing in the Streets was a low point.
    metal metal, Austin, TX, April 16, 2009

I agree with The Master. He came pretty damn close with 1987's Never Let Me Down and his side project, Tin Machine. But that's how Bowie is: experimental and willing to try something if he feels it will work. Maybe that's why he's still around after 40 freakin' years!
    Brian, Highland Park, IL, March 5, 2009

Although he's had some not-so-great albums in his long career, Bowie has never jumped the shark. Maybe a few skirmishes with the shark, like "Too Dizzy" or "God Only Knows", but nothing career-killing.
    The Master, Charlotte, NC, February 16, 2009

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