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Music that Jumped the Shark? Kenny Rogers
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"The Gambler"1
Too many Compilation albums1
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He was interesting in his 1856-66 pre fame days, and eventually found a great sound with The First Edition. When he went solo in 1975 it wasn't quite the same, but he didn't fully jump until What About Me in 1984. I would say 1967-75 was his creative peak and each year after he got a little more conservitive musically. Still through 1983 his work was overall good though somtimes too slick by 1980 or so. From 1976-79 his main problem was too many inferior remakes of classic First Edition tracks and also the dredful You Decorated My Life almost delrailed him creatively. Still the UA period was good, the Liberty era was (somtimes) well above average, and his first RCA recordings quite interesting. An underrated artist, but by 1984 his best work was behind him
    Cle Cle, Bosie, ID, July 7, 2011

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