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Music that Jumped the Shark? The Mission
Carved in Sand2
Music that NEVER Jumped the Shark1
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Hi. I love your site, but I think your aim's slightly out with The Mission. The three albums you mention are among their finest! I know some fans think that "Carved in Sand" was a load of old toss, but I disagree: it definitely includes a few "filler" songs, but it also has some of their best. They did, however, jump the shark after that, possibly on more than one occasion: first, when they brought out an album of piss-poor electronic music called "Masque". However, they then split up for a while, then reformed with a couple of new members and brought out "Neverland" (which you mention) - this was a great come-back album (although the follow-up, "Blue", was awful.) Then the lead singer re-hashed some of their old songs in his home studio and released it as "Resurrection - Greatest Hits" - a blatant cash-in intended to squeeze money out of a very loyal fan-base. And everything since? Utter crap. So, I'm proposing you re-do the voting options thus: Carved In Sand Masque Resurrection Music that ALWAYS Jumped the Shark Music that NEVER Jumped the Shark With kindest regards, dom Kaos
    dom Kaos, Brighton, *GB*, February 12, 2009

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