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 Group NameVotesViews
 A Certain Ratio2589
 A Covenant of Thorns1375
 A Day to Remember2595
 A Fine Frenzy2394
 A Flock of Seagulls8472
 A Hero A Fake1411
 A Lighter Shade of Brown1333
 A Love Ends Suicide1372
 A Love Sound1294
 A Minor Forest2374
 A Perfect Circle8442
 A Road Damascus1242
 A Split-Second1338
 A Tribe Called Quest7446
 A Wilhelm Scream1340
 A. R. Rahman1397
 A.C. Newman2378
 A.C. Temple1204
 A.R. Kane1250
 Aaron Carter2377
 Aaron Copland1356
 Aaron Neville3373
 Abraham Quintanilla III2494
 Abrasive Wheels1348
 The Acacia Strain1402
 The Accused1229
 Ace Frehley2315
 Ace of Base3354
 Achinoam Nini1235
 Acid Bath1239
 Acid Horse1274
 Acumen Nation2294
 Adam and the Ants8544
 Adam Ant13824
 Adam Bomb1360
 Adam Makowicz2345
 The Adicts5814
 The Adolescents2388
 Adrenaline Mob1242
 Adrian Orange1224
 Adrian Sherwood1325
 The Adventure Babies1224
 Afghan Whigs3363
 African Head Charge1216
 Afrika Bambaataa3338
 After School1268
 Against All Authority1332
 Against Me!5478
 Agent Orange1319
 Agent Provocateur1265
 Agent Steel2326
 Agnostic Front5385
 The Agonist1204
 Aimee Mann242876
 Aimless Device1209
 Air Miami1213
 Al Green3380
 Al Hibbler1311
 Al Jolson2342
 Al Kooper1226
 Alain Bashung1395
 Alan Jackson3344
 Alan Parsons1224
 The Alan Parsons Project71177
 Alan Vega2374
 Alanis Morissette11412
 The Alarm1329
 Alarm Will Sound2320
 Alcohol Funnycar1297
 Aldo Nova2319
 Alec Empire5356
 Alejandro Sanz3271
 Alex Hecht1213
 Alexander Scriabin2331
 Alexandra Burke2415
 Ali Farka Touré3379
 Alice Cooper16595
 Alice Donut1335
 Alice in Chains33422
 Alicia Keys6342
 Alien Ant Farm2330
 Alien Faktor1309
 Alien Sex Fiend6384
 Alien Vampires1213
 Aliff Aziz1356
 Alkaline Trio3368
 All Girl Summer Fun Band1322
 All Mighty Senators2382
 The All Seeing I1303
 All That Remains1291
 All Trays For Venom2218
 The All-American Rejects2314
 All-Time Quarterback1330
 Alla Pugacheva1389
 The Allman Brothers Band3394
 Alphabet Soup2200
 Altar Of Plagues1346
 Alyssa Soebandono2348
 Amaia Montero41034
 Amanda Palmer3364
 Amanda Seyfried1266
 The Amboy Dukes3625
 Ambulance LTD1316
 American Football1259
 American Head Charge2216
 American Hi-Fi1311
 American Steel1291
 Amii Stewart1215
 The Amity Affliction1206
 Amon Amarth1173
 The Amps1213
 Amy Grant4380
 Amy Mastura1658
 Amy Meredith1250
 Amy Winehouse17413
 Anaal Nathrakh1324
 And Also The Trees1370
 And You Will Know Us by Trail of Dead2366
 Andi Sex Gang3573
 Andre Previn1209
 Andrea Parker1205
 Andrew Blake2325
 Andrew Odom ‎1206
 Andrew W.K.6393
 The Andrews Sisters2305
 Andy Bell1252
 Andy Gibb1326
 Andy Lau1371
 Andy McCoy1246
 Andy Rourke2423
 Andy Williams1357
 Angel Haze1165
 Angel Witch1390
 Angelic Upstarts1223
 Angelo Spencer1216
 The Angels1264
 Angels & Airwaves2348
 The Angels (Australia)1267
 The Angels Of Epistemology1171
 Angels of Light1352
 Angry Samoans1315
 Ani DiFranco2322
 Animal Collective3357
 Anita Kerr1187
 Anita O'Day1328
 Anna Domino2275
 Anna Maria Jopek1205
 Anna Ternheim1319
 Anna Vissi1260
 Annabella Lwin1255
 Anne Bertucci1164
 Anne Clark1299
 Anne Marie Almedal1317
 Anne Murray4309
 Annie Anxiety1180
 Annie Cordy1208
 Anti-Nowhere League1261
 Antigone Rising1320
 Antipop Consortium1327
 Antonio Salieri2329
 Antonis Remos1245
 Antony and the Johnsons2329
 Aphex Twin8392
 The Apollinaires1320
 Apollonia 61206
 Apoptygma Berzerk2314
 The Apples in Stereo2292
 The Applicators1316
 April March2282
 The Aquabats1301
 The Aquanettas1352
 Arab Strap1327
 Aram Quartet1266
 Arc Angels1188
 Arcade Fire10386
 Arch Enemy1280
 Archers of Loaf1210
 The Archies3380
 Architecture in Helsinki1297
 Arctic Monkeys2387
 Aretha Franklin4333
 Ariana Grande1194
 Armageddon Dildos2308
 Armored Saint2324
 Army of Anyone1305
 Arrington de Dionyso1198
 Art Blakey3339
 Art Of Noise4321
 Art Pepper2308
 Art Tatum2320
 Arthur Brown1281
 Arthur Lyman1343
 Articles Of Faith1154
 Artie Shaw1361
 Artificial Peace1305
 Arvo Pärt1294
 As Eden Burns1293
 As I Lay Dying3326
 Ashley Eriksson1230
 Asia Cruise1248
 Asleep at the Wheel1259
 Assemblage 232302
 Astrid Monroe1281
 At the Drive-In7332
 At The Gates1246
 Atari Teenage Riot7494
 Atlantic Starr1325
 The Atlas Moth1269
 Atlas Sound1195
 Atomic Kitten2323
 Atomic Rooster2303
 Au Revoir Simone2328
 Augie March1302
 Austin Mahone1184
 Austrian Death Machine1288
 The Authorities1204
 Automatic Loveletter1256
 Avenged Sevenfold14337
 The Avett Brothers1221
 Avril Lavigne24427
 Azalia Snail1218
 Aztec Camera2327
 Azure Ray1341

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