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 Group NameVotesViews
 C.I.A. (Metal Band)1156
 Cabaret Voltaire3427
 Cacadou Look1253
 Cake Like2256
 Calvin Johnson1171
 Camera Obscura1163
 Camp Freddy1249
 Cannibal Corpse12344
 Cannonball Adderley3271
 Cansei de Ser Sexy1253
 Capitol City Dusters1241
 Captain Beefheart4290
 Captain Sensible2308
 Carcrash International2428
 Carl Douglas1276
 Carl Perkins2419
 Carl Smith1238
 Carla Bley2252
 Carly Simon1226
 Carmine Appice1160
 Carola Häggkvist1940
 Carole King2339
 Carpathian Forest1333
 Carrie Underwood1268
 The Cars10343
 Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine1316
 The Cassandra Complex1261
 Cat Power1300
 Cat Stevens11258
 Cath Carroll1252
 Cathedral Of Tears1220
 Catherine (metal)1157
 Cats In Boots1258
 Cattle Decapitation1240
 Caustic Resin1260
 Cavalera Conspiracy1230
 Cecil Taylor1354
 Celebrity Skin1257
 Celine Dion10288
 Celtic Frost23352
 cEvin Key2436
 Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats1168
 Chainsaw Kittens1250
 Chaka Khan3269
 The Chameleons2783
 The Champs3250
 Channel 31249
 Chaos Engine Research1172
 Chaos UK1170
 The Charlatans3479
 Charles Bradley1157
 Charles Bronson1251
 Charles Ives4268
 Charles Mingus5439
 Charli XCX1169
 Charlie Daniels6877
 Charlie Hunter Trio1157
 Charlie Watts1329
 Charm City Devils1164
 Charred Walls of the Damned1179
 Chauncey Black1241
 Cheap Trick13286
 The Cheeky Girls2343
 The Chemical Brothers3270
 Chemical People2265
 Cherie Currie2208
 The Cherry Bombz1200
 Cherry Ghost1149
 Chet Baker2287
 Chick Corea2369
 Chicks on Speed1254
 Chiefs of Relief1240
 Child's Play1146
 Children Collide1245
 Chill E. B.1120
 The Chills1240
 China Crisis2306
 The Chinkees1224
 Chino XL1158
 Chocolate Milk2279
 Chocolate USA1250
 Chris & Cosey2281
 Chris Brown11261
 Chris Connelly1254
 Chris Cornell50436
 Chris Haskett1117
 Chris LeDoux1288
 Chris Poland1248
 Chris Rea1155
 Chris Spedding1223
 Chris Watson2223
 Christ Analogue1248
 Christian Death9512
 Christian Lunch0126
 Christina Aguilera9320
 Chroma Key1267
 Chubb Rock1158
 Chuck Berry5307
 Chuck Wagon Gang1152
 The Church1237
 Cibo Matto10650
 Cilla Black1238
 Circle Jerks2435
 Circle Takes the Square1229
 Circus Diablo1244
 Circus Lupus1303
 Cirith Ungol1155
 Citizen Fish3340
 Claire Voyant2269
 Clam Abuse1151
 Clan of Xymox3281
 The Clash36666
 Claude Debussy31263
 Claudio Monteverdi1154
 Claw Hammer2238
 Clay People1199
 The Clean1226
 Click Click4437
 Cliff Richard2281
 Clifford Brown2397
 Clint Eastwood1373
 Clint Mansell2593
 Clock DVA3235
 The Clouds1154
 Cloven Hoof1152
 Club House ‎1158
 Club Nouveau3245
 Coal Chamber1156
 The Coasters1770
 Cobra Starship1234
 Cobra Verde1215
 Cock Sparrer2392
 Cocteau Twins8462
 Coffin Break2239
 Cold Blue Rebels1133
 Cold War Kids1238
 Colin Newman ‎1173
 Collective Soul2237
 Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brai1162
 Color Me Badd3246
 Com Truise1158
 Combustible Edison1299
 The Communards1195
 Compos Mentis1149
 Con Funk Shun1374
 Concrete Blonde4292
 Concrete Jungle1169
 Confusional Quartet1138
 Conjure One1255
 Connie Francis1235
 Connie Smith2296
 Conquering Dystopia1157
 Continental Drifters1232
 The Contractions1239
 Controlled Bleeding1251
 Conway Twitty113306
 Cop Shoot Cop1182
 Corpus Delicti1314
 Corrosion of Conformity2266
 Corvus Corax1127
 Count Basie2237
 Count Bass D1164
 Counting Crows0121
 Courtney Love1143
 Courtney Love (Kurt Cobain's wife)1159
 Coverdale and Page1206
 Cowboy Crush2353
 Cowboy Troy1239
 Coyote Sisters1225
 Cradle of Filth3270
 Cradle Of Thorns1217
 The Cramps211151
 Crash Test Dummies1257
 Crazy Horse2235
 The Crüxshadows1290
 Creaming Jesus2284
 Creature with the Atom Brain2168
 The Creatures3340
 Creedence Clearwater Revival11477
 The Cribs1206
 Crime in Stereo1237
 The Crimson Ghosts1126
 Crimson Glory2164
 Crispin Hellion Glover1335
 Crispy Ambulance2296
 Cristian Vogel1184
 Crosby, Stills & Nash4312
 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1259
 The Cross1302
 Crowded House6294
 The Crown1148
 Crown Ov Horns1151
 Crownhate Ruin1309
 The Crows1236
 Crucified Barbara1245
 The Crucifucks1228
 Crumbsuckers ‎1178
 The Crust Brothers1152
 The Crypt Keeper Five1157
 Crystal Castles1191
 Crystal Gayle2258
 The Crystal Method5240
 The Cult7483
 Culture Club2227
 Culture Shock1188
 Cupid Car Club1239
 The Cure39578
 Current 936523
 The Curtain Society1245
 Curtis Mayfield1250
 Cut Chemist1245
 Cut Copy1228
 Cutting Crew1265
 Cycle Sluts from Hell2349
 Cyclone Temple1141
 Cyndi Lauper6273
 The Cynics1239
 Cypress Hill9631

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