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 Group NameVotesViews
 F. M. Einheit1203
 Fab Five Freddy2181
 Fabulous Disaster1355
 Factory Toys1210
 Fad Gadget2396
 Fading Bliss198
 Fairground Attraction1181
 Fairport Convention1172
 Faith and the Muse2184
 Faith Evans4537
 Faith Hill1223
 Faith No More21393
 The Fakes2175
 The Fall6329
 Fall Out Boy28299
 The Fallen Angels1107
 False Prophets174
 Faster Pussycat2183
 The Fat Boys1211
 Fatal Morgana1103
 Fatboy Slim16287
 Fates Warning1231
 Fats Domino1160
 Fear Factory5236
 Fear Of God1101
 The Feelies1187
 Feeling B2167
 The Feelings192
 Felix Mendelssohn1208
 Fidelity Jones1182
 The Field Mice2183
 Fields of the Nephilim5308
 The Fiery Furnaces1212
 Fifth Column2190
 Fifth Harmony1104
 Fifty Foot Hose2100
 Fila Brazillia1154
 Film School1208
 Filthy Dukes1249
 Filthy Lucre1156
 Final Cut1152
 Fine Young Cannibals2188
 Finn Brothers1194
 Fiona Apple1213
 Fire on Fire1171
 Fire Party2230
 The Fire Theft1165
 The Fireman1177
 First Arsch1369
 Five Finger Death Punch1101
 The Fixtures1161
 The Fixx3198
 The Flaming Lips6246
 Fleet Foxes1190
 Fleetwood Mac17286
 Flesh for Lulu3190
 Fleshgod Apocalypse1187
 The Fleshtones1219
 Flip & Fill1156
 Flo Rida2238
 Florence and the Machine1104
 Florian Meindl ‎1109
 Flotsam and Jetsam2197
 Flux Information Sciences1188
 The Flying Luttenbachers1194
 The Folk Implosion1219
 Foo Fighters15288
 Fools Dance2242
 Force & Styles1188
 Ford Pier1152
 Ford Theatre1110
 Foreign Legion1105
 Foreign Legion (hip hop)1105
 The Foreshadowing1105
 Forest Stream1162
 Forever The Sickest Kids1206
 Forgotten Souls1110
 Forward, Russia1100
 The Fountainhead2137
 Fountainhead (Blues/Rock)1137
 Fountainhead (Electronic)1137
 Fountainhead (Punk)1145
 Fountains of Wayne1182
 The Four Horsemen1172
 Four Letter Lie2220
 Fragments Of Unbecoming1171
 France Gall1164
 Frances Cobain (Kurt Cobain's kid)2111
 Francoise Hardy11020
 Frank Black2194
 Frank Sinatra16220
 Frank Tovey1291
 Frank Zappa21376
 Frankie Goes to Hollywood4256
 Frankie Miller2190
 Frantic Flintstones174
 Franz Bartzsch1224
 Franz Ferdinand7214
 Franz Liszt2202
 Frédéric Chopin2206
 Fred Astaire2202
 Freddie Hubbard2194
 Freddie Mercury3169
 Free Kitten3205
 The French Impressionists1160
 French Toast1167
 The Friday Club1191
 Friendly Fires2180
 From A Second Story Window1200
 From Autumn To Ashes1175
 Front 2427600
 Front Line Assembly4230
 The Frumpies1185
 Fuck the Facts1145
 Fucked Up192
 The Fucking Champs1158
 Funker Vogt1218
 Furious George1179
 Future Bible Heroes3203
 The Future Sound of London4228
 The Fuzztones2177

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