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 Group NameVotesViews
 G. Love & Special Sauce2198
 Gabriel Fauré1162
 Galaxie 5003183
 Gale Storm2173
 The Game2186
 Gang Green2253
 Gang of Four4411
 The Gap Band187
 Garage A Trois278
 Garth Brooks17243
 Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience284
 Gary Clail1186
 Gary Husband1172
 Gary Moore1218
 Gary Numan10239
 Gas Huffer2261
 Gavin Bryars1134
 Gavin Friday5422
 The Gay1182
 Gaye Bykers On Acid1150
 Gene Austin1153
 Gene Autry1162
 Gene Clark1165
 Gene Loves Jezebel5310
 Gene Pitney1180
 Gene Simmons1134
 Gene Vincent1178
 General Public1265
 General Surgery1161
 Generation X2226
 Georg Friedrich Handel1103
 George Duke1145
 George Gershwin4290
 George Harrison2233
 George McCrae1348
 George Michael9329
 The Georgia Satellites2240
 Gepy & Gepy182
 Gerald Collier1162
 Gerald Tyrwhitt-Wilson 14thBaron Berners1194
 Geraldine Fibbers2182
 Gerard Way153
 Geri Halliwell31103
 The Germs2210
 Gerry Goffin154
 The Get Up Kids1167
 Geto Boys195
 Geza X1133
 GG Allin2187
 Ghost Dance1232
 Giant Panda1152
 Gigolo Aunts1182
 Gil Scott-Heron2154
 Gilby Clarke1151
 Gin Blossoms2170
 Ginger Baker's Air Force1222
 The Girl & The Robot184
 Girl Monstar1172
 Girl Talk1179
 Girls Against Boys2167
 Girls Aloud1159
 The Girls Club183
 Girls Under Glass2200
 Gitane Demone2242
 Gito Gito Hustler1170
 Gladys Knight1196
 Glen Campbell1192
 Glenn Branca1171
 Glenn Hughes184
 Glenn Miller183
 Gloria Jones1107
 Gloria Parker1174
 The Glove1174
 Glyn Styler1154
 Gnarls Barkley1150
 Go To Blazes197
 The Go! Team1183
 The Go-Betweens184
 The Go-Go's224091
 God Dethroned1190
 God Is LSD ‎194
 God Is My Co-Pilot2173
 God Lives Underwater1201
 God Module2188
 Gods of Luxury1122
 Godspeed You! Black Emperor5172
 Gogol Bordello195
 Golden Shoulders189
 Golden Smog2172
 Goldie & the Gingerbreads1164
 Goo Goo Dolls10258
 Good Charlotte7200
 The Good Life2165
 Good Riddance1166
 Goombay Dance Band2484
 Gordian Knot1185
 Gorgeous Frankenstein1170
 Gorilla Biscuits1188
 Gorilla Zoe2181
 The Gothic Archies3183
 The Gothsicles2169
 Government Issue1171
 The Grace1199
 Grace Jones2162
 Graham Coxon187
 Graham Fitkin176
 Graham Lewis192
 Gram Parsons2201
 Gramsci Melodic1178
 Grand Magus1158
 Grand Supreme Blood Court174
 Grand Wizard Theodore1162
 Grandmaster Caz194
 Grandmaster Flash1150
 Grant Hart1144
 Grant Lee Buffalo1141
 Grant McLennan179
 Grant-Lee Phillips1157
 Grateful Dead9257
 Graveyard Rodeo176
 Gravity Kills3181
 The Great Kat3543
 Great Northern2152
 Great White4161
 Greater Than One1135
 Green Carnation1183
 Green Day46397
 Green Jelly185
 Green River1352
 Green River Ordinance1168
 Green Velvet2166
 Greg Dulli1138
 Greg Ginn3234
 Greg Ward180
 Gregg Bissonette1156
 Gregory Isaacs1177
 The Grid2165
 Grim Reaper1167
 Grind Zero188
 Grong Grong153
 Groove Armada1210
 Groundswell UK1162
 The GTOs1181
 Gucci Mane2309
 The Guess Who2218
 Guided by Voices1127
 The Gun Club6226
 Guns N' Roses71972
 Guru Guru2297
 Gus G.182
 Gus Gus ‎187
 The Gutter Twins1157
 Gwen Stefani7196

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