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 Group NameVotesViews
 I Am Heresy1114
 I Am Kloot1194
 I Am Spoonbender2245
 I Am the World Trade Center1230
 I Fagiolini1111
 I Killed The Prom Queen1207
 I Like Trains1111
 I Mother Earth2205
 Ian Astbury1102
 Ian Brown2207
 Ian Gillan1119
 Ian McCulloch1128
 Ice Cube1178
 Iced Earth4456
 The Icicle Works1198
 Icon of Coil2199
 ICS Vortex1111
 Iggy Azalea1111
 Iggy Pop2231
 Ignacy Jan Paderewski2201
 Igor Stravinsky3217
 Ima Robot3190
 Imperial Teen1188
 Imperial Vengeance1166
 In Camera2191
 In Excelsis1219
 In Extremo1104
 In Flames8232
 In Slaughter Natives1208
 In Strict Confidence186
 In the Nursery2222
 In This Moment1235
 Inbreeding Rednecks1119
 Incredible Bongo Band1172
 The Incredible String Band1184
 Indigo Girls21475
 Infected Malignity1426
 Infinite Mass1247
 Information Society2214
 Ink & Dagger2204
 The Inmates1181
 Insane Clown Posse12274
 Inside Out1179
 Insight 231174
 Inspectah Deck1240
 Inspiral Carpets2207
 The International Noise Conspiracy1195
 Ion Dissonance1153
 Iron & Wine3227
 Iron Lung Corp.1178
 Iron Maiden40582
 Iron Monkey1101
 Iron Virgin1116
 Irving Berlin2216
 Isaac Hayes4211
 Isobel Campbell1214
 Isotope 217°1222
 Ivory Joe Hunter2224
 Izzy Stradlin3256

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