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 Group NameVotesViews
 P. Diddy14307
 Page and Plant3225
 Pain of Salvation1222
 Pain Station1167
 Painted Willie1126
 Pale Saints ‎1139
 Pan Sonic1212
 Panda Bear1136
 The Pandoras1225
 Panic at the Disco7269
 Pankow (German)2175
 Pankow (Italian)2228
 Pansy Division3246
 Pantheon I1207
 Panzer AG2211
 Papa Roach6237
 Paper Bag1136
 Paradise Lost1137
 Parkway Drive1257
 The Partridge Family1248
 The Party Boys1197
 Parzival (70s band)1132
 Passion Pit1137
 The Pastels1132
 Pat Benatar10227
 Pat Boone2442
 Pat Metheny1135
 Patrick O'Hearn1279
 Patrick Phelan1189
 Patsy Cline1232
 Patti LaBelle1237
 Patti Smith Group3264
 Patty Loveless2226
 Paul Collins Beat1129
 Paul Desmond1257
 Paul Di'Anno1100
 Paul McCartney2258
 Paul Quinn1166
 Paul Schütze1227
 Paul Stanley1210
 Paul van Dyk2165
 Paul Wall1234
 Paul Weston2213
 Paula Abdul8255
 Pauline Murray1381
 Peanut Butter Wolf1191
 Pearl Jam54444
 Peeping Tom2225
 Peggy Lee2324
 Pell Mell1134
 Pelle Miljoona1193
 Penal Colony1164
 Penguin Cafe Orchestra1215
 Pennsy's Electric Workhorses Songs1106
 People Under the Stairs1225
 Pepe Lienhard Band1127
 Percy Faith1285
 Pere Ubu1244
 Perez Prado1213
 Perry Como1212
 Pet Shop Boys5809
 Pete Lazonby1147
 Pete Shelley1275
 Pete Townshend ‎1127
 Pete Wylie and the Mighty Wah3242
 Peter and the Test Tube Babies1214
 Peter Bjorn and John1248
 Peter Christopherson1169
 Peter Criss1204
 Peter Frampton1221
 Peter Gabriel14368
 Peter Koppes1140
 Peter Morén1215
 Peter Murphy2426
 Peter Tosh4233
 Phantom Blue2232
 Phantom Rockers092
 The Pharcyde2209
 Pharrell Williams2212
 Phil Anselmo1129
 Phil Collins12321
 Phil Krauth1140
 Phil Lewis1247
 Phil Manzanera2192
 Philip Glass1212
 Philip Jeck2221
 Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub1169
 Phillip Walker1134
 Picture Me Broken2179
 PID Preachers In Disguise2126
 Piero Umiliani1130
 Piers Adams1132
 The Pigeon Detectives1124
 Pilot to Gunner1167
 Ping Pong Bitches1214
 Pink Anvil1207
 The Pink Fairies1255
 Pink Floyd59730
 Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't2205
 Pitch Black Forecast1218
 Pizzicato Five1222
 PJ Harvey3366
 Place of Skulls1170
 Plain White T's3213
 Planet Rain1145
 Plastic Bertrand1183
 Plastic Crimewave Sound1171
 The Plastic People of the Universe1220
 Play Dead2230
 Plácido Domingo2240
 Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower1226
 The Plugz3208
 Plus 442201
 The Pogues5239
 Poison Girls3353
 Poison Idea1220
 Poison the Well1229
 Poizon Posse ‎1147
 Polar Bear1129
 The Police20289
 The Polyphonic Spree1216
 Pompeii 991216
 Pony Up1245
 Pooh Sticks1219
 The Pop Group1207
 Pop Will Eat Itself5408
 Porcupine Defense197
 Porcupine Tree1150
 Portion Control12261
 The Posies1234
 The Postal Service4218
 Poster Children1146
 Pow Wows1130
 Power Station2166
 Powerman 50002263
 Praga Khan2183
 Praying Mantis2335
 The Preachers198
 Premature Ejaculation1215
 The Presets1193
 The Presidents of the United States2211
 The Pretenders2247
 Prettier Than Pink1212
 Pretty Boy Floyd2208
 Pretty Girls Make Graves1218
 Pretty Maids1222
 The Pretty Things1247
 Primal Scream4223
 Primer 553226
 Prince Buster1248
 Prince Far I1232
 Prince Paul3229
 The Proclaimers2190
 Procol Harum2205
 The Prodigy13275
 The Professionals1177
 Project Pitchfork2274
 The Promise Ring1253
 The Psychedelic Furs1141
 Psychic TV4263
 Public Enemy7287
 Public Image Ltd.7587
 Pure Prairie League1215
 The Purple Gang2209
 Purr Machine (AKA Kore)1604
 The Push Stars1316
 Pussy Galore1202
 The Pussycat Dolls1268
 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky2215

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