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 Group NameVotesViews
 The Wailers2197
 Waiting For God1198
 The Wake [UK]2187
 The Wake [US]1173
 Waking the Witch1168
 The Walker Brothers2245
 Walter Becker2424
 Walter Hus1115
 Walter Wanderley2265
 Walter Zimmermann1151
 War (Swedish)1131
 War Babies1157
 Warrel Dane188
 Warren G1195
 Warrior Soul4207
 Was (Not Was)2252
 The Waterboys3248
 The Watson Twins193
 Waylon Jennings3190
 Wayne County & the Electric Chairs1176
 Wayne Horvitz195
 Wayne Kramer1170
 We Are Harlot186
 We Are Scientists1215
 The Weakerthans2225
 The Weasels1159
 The Weather Prophets1149
 The Weathermen1167
 The Wedding Present1201
 Wednesday 131194
 Weird War2145
 Welle: Erdball193
 Wellwater Conspiracy1156
 Wendy O. Williams2223
 The Wendys184
 Wes Montgomery186
 Wesley Willis3210
 Wesley Willis Fiasco1169
 Western Hymn182
 When People Were Shorter And Lived Near 1162
 Where Fear And Weapons Meet2177
 The Whip183
 The Whispers2283
 Whit Dickey181
 White Flame1234
 White Lies1166
 White Lion3333
 White Rainbow181
 The White Stripes15390
 White Tiger2175
 White Zombie113274
 Whitney Duncan1194
 Whitney Houston11339
 The Who31498
 Wilbert Harrison189
 Wild Colonials191
 Wild Orchid1191
 The Wild Swans1156
 The Wildhearts1143
 Wilhelm Friedemann Bach3200
 Will Sergeant189
 Will Smith3194
 Will to Power1174
 William Parker190
 William Salter1164
 William Shatner1175
 Willie Dixon1146
 Winds Of Plague185
 Windsor for the Derby1177
 Winston Tong1144
 Winter's Bane1130
 Wintergarden (Germany)179
 Wire Train1157
 Wishing Chair1203
 Witchfinder General187
 Woe Of Tyrants1167
 Wolf & Cub1155
 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4186
 The Wolfgang Press1186
 Wolfgang Riechmann188
 The Wombats1204
 Women Of The SS1147
 The Wonder Stuff2188
 Woody Guthrie3205
 World Party1164
 Wrathchild America2172
 Wu-Tang Clan8239
 Wyclef Jean2172

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