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Connect with your target audience across all music genres.
Be able to note what people are saying candidly about your labels artists.

Entry-Level Advertising Solutions for Search and Display

Advertising offers targeted reach, flexible pricing, and conversion tracking capabilities for advertisers looking to stretch their advertising dollars. With costs ranging to fit all budgets – tiny independent labels and local garage band discounts to the major labels – these entry-level advertising options include campaign management assistance from a specialized support team.

Please contact your account executive for more information or if you are new to Microsoft Advertising, please contact info@musicthatjumpedtheshark.com

Depending on the application, the creative Internet ads can simulate many of the benefits of other media.

* Discounts given to small record labels and small bands

Internet Ad Type


Larger Ad Units



Rich Media

Most similar to...

Billboards, out of home, small print ads, (Yellow Pages, small newspaper units), back of book magazine ads

Larger billboards, fractional ads in magazine, newspaper

Sponsorships of public radio, TV, sporting events, print advertorials

Similar to real estate available in print

Depending on ad functionality and design, this option can effectively compete with many different types of media

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